I have been casting, swaging, reloading and shooting my own bullets for 40 years. I have lived in and frequent wild country and know the value of high performance bullets. I am also a competitive shooter and appreciate economic value and the volume of lead consumption involved. Compare my prices to others (remembering I pay the shipping) and you will agree this site delivers outstanding value.

Take a look around my store. If there is something you need or want let me know and we'll see if we can make it happen. Inquiries also welcome from manufacturers, retailers, movie prop houses, special orders, and for bulk sales.

**The past three years I have been unable to reliably generate any kind stock - it goes as fast as I make it and I am generally busy trying to keep up with custom casting requests. My website shows most of the bullets I can make so if there is something that is out of stock, please text, email or call me and I'll get it moved up my production schedule and let you know when it is ready to mail to you.