40 Cal / 10mm .401 200gr SWC hardcast lead bullet

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.401 40 cal/10mm 200gr. SWC bullet

- hardcast, 3% antimony/97% lead, BNH ~12.

- Sized to .401 following Powder coating.

-Powder coating available in choice of clear, white, black, red, or blue.

- This is also a great bullet for the old 38WCF, also known as the 38-40 Win, which was a necked down version of the 44-40 and uses a .401 bullet.

- Free Shipping!

- Excellent choice for dangerous game or hunting.

**This is not loaded ammunition**

If this item is unavailable, please contact me to get on my production schedule - the past three years I have been basically been doing custom casting trying to keep up with demand.