72 Cal Round Ball (.715) - Cast - 100% lead

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715 cal (.715) Cast Lead Round Ball

- 550 gr (1.25oz), 100% lead.

- Cast from Lyman mold so it has a sprue.

- Package size ranges from 25-100 balls.

- Perfect for 72 Cal muzzleloader or 12Ga. shotshell pumpkin ball load.

- Free shipping!

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**This is NOT loaded ammunition**


If you haven't tried this out of a rifled shotgun slug barrel yet, you need to! Being heavy (1 1/4 oz) and round, it deflects little in dense cover and is great for tight shots in woods hunting at close to medium ranges. Loading data also available in BPI's Slug loading manual:



If this item is unavailable, please contact me to get on my production schedule - the past three years I have been basically been doing custom casting trying to keep up with demand.