Dummy M249 5.56 Machine Gun Belt

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5.56 (.223) Dummy Machine gun belt for M249 SAW

- Brass is washed, polished, retains original spent primer, contains no powder, and has a full metal jacket bullet crimped in place with a factory-style crimp.

- Once-fired mixed headstamp brass

- New military surplus M27 links.

- 50 shells per belt with 51 links, can be linked together to form longer belts.

- Great for display, re-enactments, costumes, decoration, and military collectors.

- Free shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

(Look for additional listings of Dummy rounds and machine gun belts in 5.56, 7.62 and 50BMG)

**This is not loaded ammunition**

****Metal machine gun links are considered "Feeding Devices" so if your state has firearm magazine capacity restrictions, we cannot ship this item in any quantity as they could made into capacities over the legal limit - it is the responsibility of the buyer to determine if this item is legal in your state before ordering.****

If this item is unavailable, please contact me to get on my production schedule - the past three years I have been basically been doing custom work trying to keep up with demand.