Lee 12Ga Slug - 7/8 oz OR 1 oz.

$17.65 - $46.70
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Lee 12 Ga. 7/8oz. or 1oz. Cast Lead Slug 

- 100% Lead

- Features Lee's exclusive drive key: "The drive key positively rotates the slug in rifled shotgun barrels. The key doubles as a support rib allowing use of a standard trap wad - no need for a support wad or base filler. Sabot wad design outperforms rifled slugs in rifled slug barrels. Velocity and accuracy meet and exceed expensive factory loaded rifled slugs."

Loading data available in the Slug Loading Manual from Ballistic Products Incorporated:


- 25-100/box

- Free Shipping

See also my Pumkinball (.715 RB) and other Round Ball options for multi ball loads.


**This is NOT loaded ammunition**

If this item is unavailable, please contact me to get on my production schedule - the past three years I have been basically been doing custom casting trying to keep up with demand.