38 Cal .358 200gr Round-nose, Flat-point (RF) hardcast lead bullet

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.358 38 cal pistol or 35 cal rifle 200gr Round-nose, Flat-point, hardcast lead bullet.

- hardcast, 3% antimony/97% lead, BNH ~12

- Lee C358-200-RF design, sized to .358

- Alox tumble lubed with copper gas check (select Clear color)

- Powder coated option does not have gas check (does not need it) in Clear, Black, White, Red, or Blue

- Great dangerous game hunting bullet for .357 Magnum - must load in 38Spl case to fit cylinder length.

- 250 - 1000/box

- Free Shipping!

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(This has been a personal favorite in my 35Rem Model 8 autoloader for decades, while my brother has long used it in a heavy 38SPL load very effectively for varmints around his place - the powder coating makes it very economical as well - powder coated bullets do not require a gas check, a plus given current gas check prices)

**This is not loaded ammunition**

If this item is unavailable, please contact me to get on my production schedule - the past three years I have been basically been doing custom casting trying to keep up with demand.